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Our Portfolio

We are an integrated real estate investment management company with a portfolio that spans the St. Louis Metropolitan area. We've been in business for over a decade and our portfolio speaks for itself. Scroll down to learn more or click here to join the waitlist.

Modern Office Building


$ Million
In Transactions


Deals through investment lifecycle


$ Million


Total Residential
Doors Owned & Managed
Del Monte Apartments
Del Monte:  
$8.3M Purchase+Renovations
Del Clara Apartments St Louis
Del Clara:  
$1.6M Purchase + Renovations
Longfellow Apartments St Louis
Longfellow Apartments:  
$1.8M Purchase + Renovations
Sanctuary Lofts St Louis
Sanctuary Lofts:  
$2.5M Purchase+Renovations
Morganford Plaza Apartments St Louis
Morganford Plaza:  
$1.8M Purchase + Renovations
Gulf Drive Apartments St Louis
Gulf Drive:  
$2.5M Purchase + Renovations
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