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About Our Experience


  • 20+ apartment/Mixed-use properties

  • 373 total units over 10+ years

  • Major renovations

  • Repositioning properties

  • State and Federal Historic Tax Credits

  • Permitting applications and approvals

  • Architectural designs and plan review

  • Managing construction projects/budgets

  • Construction loans and disbursing

  • Financing/Refinancing properties

  • Managing and leasing apartment properties

  • Leasing neighborhood retail spaces

  • Creating a management company

  • Positioning properties for best possible sale price

Glass Buildings



Image by jay blacks

Our vision is to create opportunities for individual investors to achieve the financial benefits of value-add commercial real estate investing by partnering with an experienced investor.  After their personal success, they wanted to open-up certain projects to partners so they can help others achieve their investment goals and realized the financial benefits of investing in real estate. They believe that allowing investors to join in on projects will give investors the financial benefits of real estate investing while partnering with an experienced investor and operations partner to mitigate the risk of private real estate investing.  They focus on value-add properties to generate high returns, improve properties, improve communities, and benefit all parties involved in the process. 

Hickory Seed Investments was formed in 2021 by Emily and Alex Oliver as the investment branch of their multifamily investment, management, and construction companies to give others the opportunity to invest in value-add multifamily and commercial properties.   Starting in 2009 in St. Louis MO they focused on investing in multifamily and mixed-used properties.  Over those 12 years of experience investing and managing rental properties in the St. Louis, Missouri area they grew their managements, construction, and deal financing expertise.    


Over those 12 years, they successfully invested in over 400 units, in over 20 multi-family and mixed-use (residential and retail) properties with projects ranging from a complete gut of the building systems, to interior renovations, to improving property management execution.  Project scopes have varied from doing updates as units turn over, to over 18 months of construction and $3.5M+ renovations budgets.


By using his experience, knowledge, skill sets, resources, and existing team, they have been able to improve financial performance and create increased value in the properties he has acquired. This track record has allowed him to create relationships with banks and lenders to provide favorable financing to complete a variety of projects.

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